Under the ACT’s Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program, certain high range and repeat drink driving offenders will be required to have an interlock fitted to their vehicle for a minimum period of time, until they have demonstrated safe driving behaviour and the ability to separate drinking and driving. These high-risk offenders will also be required to participate in treatment or training programs as ordered by the Magistrates Court.

Lower-risk drink driving offenders will have the option of participating in the interlock program during their driving disqualification period but they will also be required to demonstrate a period of clean driving before they can exit the interlock program.

Participant Information
Guardian Program Information Guide – ACT
Fee Schedule – ACT
Application for an Alcohol Ignition Interlock Licence
Frequently Asked Questions

ACT Service Centres
Interlock servicing in ACT is subject to prior arrangement with Guardian Interlock. Please contact us for more information.

Contact Information
For queries about the ACT Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program, please contact us at Guardian and we will be happy to help.

Further Resources
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