Confidentiality Pledge VIC


I acknowledge that in the course of my official duties for genuine and operational purposes I may be granted access to or use of licensing or registration information obtained by VicRoads that is of a personal nature about the person to whom it relates (‘Protected Information’).

I further acknowledge that I am familiar with the requirements of sections 90 (I) to 90 (O) of the Road Safety Act 1986 and regulation 37E of the Road Safety (Drivers) Regulations 2009 and that I may be guilty of an offence if I use or disclose information other than in accordance with those provisions.

I agree as follows:

1. I will only access and use information to the extent that it is necessary for genuine and operational reasons in the performance of my official duties.

2. I will not disclose information to any person (other than to another employee who requires the information to carry out his or her official duties).

3. I will do everything I can to prevent other people from accessing the information. I will not leave protected information, or copies of records of it, in any place where it is accessible by others.

4. I will notify my employer and VicRoads as soon as I become aware of any threat to the confidentiality or security of information or breach of the VAIP. I will cooperate with my employer and with VicRoads in any action either of them takes to protect that confidentiality or security.

5. If I am given user access code or password to enable me to access the information:

a) I will not give the user access code or password to anyone;

b) I will not write it down anywhere;

c) I will make sure I log off from any application through which I have access to information when I am not using the information; and

d) I will make sure my user access code or password is de-activated when I no longer need to access the information.