Dignita AL-100 Private / Commercial Interlock

Are you interested in a private or commercial interlock ?  Dignita manufactures the AL-100 interlock which is one of the most dependable, user friendly and affordable interlocks on the market. It can be adapted for all vehicle types, as well as machinery operations. The AL-100 is certified to the latest EU standard for private/commercial vehicles and offender programs.
The AL-100 is intended for use by companies or private individuals, operating independently, or integrated into a company’s telematics. Its key features are:
• Modern ergonomics
• Ease of use
• Fully programmable
• Visual and audible information for users
• 12-month calibration period (can be 24 months)
• RS 232 connection for telematics
• Optional Alcolarm alert system for instant reporting of failed tests by GPRS
• Recording of events
• 12/24 volt
The device is easy to install with a range of flexible features designed to make life easy for the user. While any auto electrician or motor mechanic can install the device, Guardian recommends the use of the experienced offender program service centre designated for your state to install and service the Dignita equipment. See the link below for the Dignita AL-100 brochure below which is available ex-stock at $1775 to buy, $90.00 per month to lease (min 6 months) or $160 per month on a “Rent to Buy” arrangement. Installation costs are arranged directly between the customer
and the installation centre.  Do not hesitate to contact admin@guardianinterlock.com.au or call Guardian on 1300 881 005 for any further information.

You will also see below a settings sheet example and links to the forms to complete an order to purchase, lease or rent to buy.  Just fill in the forms and submit and we will contact you with payment arrangements.

Dignita AL-100 Brochure

AL-100 Setting Sheet Default Example

Purchase Agreement Form

Lease Agreement Form

Rent to Buy Agreement Form