Guardian Interlock Client Service Form and Service Agreement

Guardian Interlock Systems Pty Ltd requires a completed Client Service Form and Service Agreement for your upcoming Alcohol Interlock installation. Please complete the below and press the submit button. Please submit at least 2 days prior to your installation appointment. Please note that if this form is not provided you may experience delays on the day of installation. We appreciate your assistance with this matter.


Please note all concession discount validity are check online with Services Australia after each service and discount will be charged back if found to be invalid. Rules apply to concession validity including maximum rate requirements in most states. Concession rules are set by each state government. Complete the link provided below after selecting Yes to have this information included on your account. Your concession card will need to be present at every service prior to the transaction commencing. We do not backdate concessions.
This detail is provided on the documentation received from your state road authority. Please note that VIC and WA programs are always set at 6 months initially.
Please select the state where you are having your install done
Next of Kin is the person you would consider your emergency contact eg. family member or close friend



Please find links below for the Guardian Interlock 2030 User Manual, Guardian Compliance Guide and Information brochures. The Terms and Conditions of this agreement are contained in the User Manual and the Fee Schedule is contained in the Compliance Guide. These links will open on a new tab – when completed navigate back to this to form to complete the below acknowledgements.

Please acknowledge that you understand the below essential items contained in the Guardian Interlock 2030 User Manual and Guardian Compliance Guide.


Select Yes if you have this document and upload a copy below to provide the required vehicle information. Select No If you don’t have a copy available so you can complete the details manually below.


SERVICE AGREEMENT – Please tick the following paragraphs to acknowledge that you have read and understand the service agreement

Service Agreement Introduction

This Service Agreement including the Terms and Conditions and Fees Schedule (provided separately), forms the Interlock Driver Contract (IDC) between the client named above and Guardian Interlock Systems Australasia Pty Limited (Guardian) for the provision of services during the client’s participation in the interlock program.
The client acknowledges and accepts financial responsibility for any damage to, or loss of, the System, however caused, provided that upon payment of the Loss Protection Plan (LPP) fee, the Client’s financial responsibility loss of the System shall be limited to the Loss Protection liability limit amount of $250.00 as shown in the Terms and Conditions & Fee Schedule. Notwithstanding the foregoing, purchase of the LPP shall not limit the Client’s financial responsibility for damage to, or loss of, the System caused by a willful act or omission on the part of the Client or other permitted users of the Vehicle. The Client must present a copy of a Police report, along with any other evidence of loss, and pay the Liability Limit within 72 hours of loss. If the Client declines the LPP, the Client is responsible for payment of complete loss or any part of the System, this cost is outlined in the Fee Schedule. The LPP does not cover outstanding lease fees. Please indicate if you wish to accept of decline by selecting above.


Select the below link to watch the training video. This video along with the User Manual and Compliance Guide covers all of the below listed information which you have previously acknowledged. This video forms part of your training and the below declaration acknowledges that you have watched and understood the below topics.

2030 Training Video

Please note if you have any queries regarding any of these items please contact Guardian on 1300 881 005 to discuss or speak to a Guardian Service Centre.