Drink driving is one of the main causes of road deaths in South Australia. As part of a wider initiative to tackle this problem, the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Scheme (MAIS) is aimed at high-risk, serious and repeat offenders. After a period of disqualification from driving, convicted offenders will be required to have an interlock installed in their vehicle for a period of up to three years.

Participant Information 
Guardian Program Information Guide – SA
Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Scheme Guide – SA Gov
Fee Schedule – SA
Frequently Asked Questions

SA Service Centres
Guardian Interlock is an approved provider of interlock systems in South Australia. When you enrol on the interlock program through Guardian, we will connect you with your nearest service centre for installation and servicing of your interlock system.

Please see the Service Centres page for an up-to-date list of service centres in South Australia.

Contact Information
For queries about the SA Alcohol Interlock Program, please contact us at Guardian and we will be happy to help.

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