Training Checklist Declaration

Interlock Program knowledge

Instruction on use of the interlock system

Delivery of proper breath samples, troubleshooting techniques and Head Unit messages for aborted breath samples

Random retesting and consequences – Pull Over to complete retest – Missed Retests and recalls – Flashing lights and siren

Consequences of failed tests and retests, especially inability to start car.

BAC fail results – 5 min & 30 min Lockout periods

Service Arrangements – responsibility to comply with service date set.

Violation and Service Recalls

Food and alcohol consumption before testing (wait 15 minutes)

Power disconnections and consequences (Vehicle battery)

Consequences of illegal starts and tampering (including jump starting, hot wiring, circumvention, etc)

Lockout arrangements extra expense to program

Interference from Mobile phones / external sources

How to get assistance

Afterhours emergency service support (technical assistance only)

Complaints and disputes procedure

Disclosure of information to authorities and nominated recipients

End of Program arrangement

Please note if you have any queries regarding any of these items please contact Guardian on 1300 881 005 to discuss.