Values and Mission Statement

Guardian Interlock's mission is to achieve and maintain excellence in all aspects of alcohol ignition interlock program management throughout Australasia. We will:

  • provide only the highest quality certified products and services
  • deliver excellence in customer service and product support
  • maintain high training and qualification standards for our staff
  • operate superior supply systems
  • sustain our ISO 9000 certified Quality Management System

Our values form the backbone of Guardian Interlock and provide the framework for all aspects of our operations. We expect our team at Guardian to respect and adhere to them at all times.

Our conduct will always reflect the highest standards of ethics and we will be honest, open and forthright in all dealings inside and outside the company. We will treat employees, customers, suppliers and the community with respect and in a fair and equitable manner, and our culture will be one where people can speak freely and openly without fear.

We will make a clear-eyed assessment of facts, face difficult issues head-on and act in a timely and appropriate manner. Common sense will inform each and every judgment we make.

We will outperform our competition through creativity and innovation, using our ideas and imagination to bring a unique quality to our business. Change and risk will be embraced as inherent to innovation.

We take pride in the quality of our work and we will supply high quality products and services every time, striving to exceed our customer’s expectations on every project.

We will continue to learn and develop, always challenges ourselves to improve and achieve. We value individual skills and talent and will support growth and achievement among our staff.

We value our employees' dedication and commitment and we fully support excellence in the workplace, providing opportunities for achievement and recognising and rewarding hard work.

Community Relations
At Guardian Interlock we believe in supporting the community and we regularly make donations to charitable causes. Beneficiaries have included Sydney Children's Hospital, victims of the Victorian bushfires, The Cancer Council, The Fred Hollows Foundation, St Vincent De Paul, the School for the Blind and many more.