Guardian 2030 Alcohol Interlock Training Video

An ignition interlock system is a device that prevents a vehicle being operated by a driver under the influence of alcohol. The device is fitted to the ignition and requires a breath sample from the driver before the vehicle can be started. If the sample is over the pre-agreed limit, the vehicle will not start.

There are numerous applications for ignition interlock devices. In Australia, certain drink driving offenses are punishable by mandatory participation in an alcohol interlock program, of which Guardian is one of the main providers. This requires the offender to drive with an alcohol ignition interlock fitted to his vehicle for a minimum period of time as prescribed by the courts. To complete the program, the offender must demonstrate sober and responsible driving behaviour for the duration.

Guardian also provides interlock services to private customers, ranging from higher-risk workplaces such as maritime and transport, to professional sports clubs looking to safeguard their reputation, to private individuals with an interest in safe driving. Find out more using the links below.