Interlock Programs

Guardian is a trusted provider of offender interlock programs on behalf of state government authorities throughout Australia. Typically targeted at high-risk, serious and repeat offenders, enrollment on the interlock program follows a period of disqualification and requires an interlock device to be fitted to the offender’s vehicle by an approved Guardian Service Centre. The device prevents the offender from driving the vehicle under the influence and reports any attempted breaches to Guardian and the relevant state authority. The driver will be required to show that he is able to separate drinking from driving and will not be able to complete the program until he has demonstrated consistently safe behaviour over an extended period of time.

Each state or territory has its own ignition interlock program, so the rules, regulations and procedures vary from state to state. For more specific information, please select a location below or see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Guardian 2030 Interlock Training Video for New Customers

Guardian 2030 Interlock Training Video for customers transitioning from WR3