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Servicing during Lockdown

Effective 20 July 2021

Please be sure to follow these guidelines when having your interlock serviced:

  • Interlock servicing is considered an essential service and you can attend your closest service centre to be serviced.
  • Some service centres are operating with restricted hours so please make sure you contact them prior to attending for service to ensure they are available.
  • Plan ahead to avoid any delays or problems.
  • When you have your interlock serviced ensure you receive your Guardian Summary Report and carry this in your vehicle to present to authorities on your return journey to your residence as proof of attendance at an essential service.
  • If you are showing symptoms, awaiting a result or have received a positive test result for Coronavirus please do not attend a service centre.  Contact Guardian to advise of your situation and a code can be provided when you are cleared or out of isolation to allow you to take your vehicle to be serviced if you have gone into lockout.
  • Please note we don’t recommend sanitiser products because they contain alcohol which the device may register.  You can clean the device with a mildly damp cloth (not too damp as it is an electronic device and can be damaged by water), Make sure the device is dry before taking a test, we suggest waiting 15 minutes to ensure that all the surfaces are dry and clear of any contaminates.
  • Most importantly, stay safe !!!